Dec 19, 2010

First Blood... Or Rather Paint.

No. Don't worry, don't panic, don't delete my harmless little blog. I'm definitly not gonna annoy you to death by posting each and every time I get some paint down on a model in the future. Just... bear with me, people. It's been more than nine months since I've last touched a paintbrush. (Sounds like pregnancy was involved, but no) So this is kind of a big step towards getting back into the hobby for me, because we all know how much of an obstacle the sheer act of getting it over with can be. (Or rather, getting over yourself.)

Speaking of obstacles, I've realized two things doing those few parts. First of all, I'll have much more fun painting my Phantoms in the future for the sheer ease of the techniques. Second, I need lots of practice again. The metals turned out terrible, my brush control sucks (party because my old brushes aren't quite up to it, seems like I'm gonna sink even more money into materials *le sigh*), my workspace and lighting are still sub-par, aaand so on. Yeah, not quite like riding a bike. Those first brush strokes were a terrible experience. Time to get back into painting shape.

And, by the gods, I will. On another lighter note, I think I can very well live with the scheme I've settled on so far. Let's see how the model turns out in the end.

Ithmaril out.

Dec 17, 2010

And The Children Shall Lead

Yeah, crazy week. No details, again, but let's just say that up until the 23rd, life has me by the balls right and proper. Also, I'm in the process of getting leisure-time drunk right now for a change, and on my way to chill with some friends who intend to do the same. But having had another tour of shopping today, and after getting in an hour of hobby time, I figured that a small update would be in place. So, here it is.

Test model time! I've spent some spare time here and there over the past 2-3 weeks to nail down the bits mix and general style of my up and coming EC project. This guy will serve as the test model for my initial scheme. I decided to stick to the basic plastic CSM bodies (meaning a close selection of bits, stay tuned for more on that) while using a set of old Noise Marine guns, and several of the new. That's the first baby steps I'm taking towards building the army. Not seen on the pic: I replaced his left arm with a plastic one in order to leave the shoulder unpadded, as I intend to do something special for their left shoulderpads, army-wide. Not hard to figure out: I'm gonna use the actual GW metal cast EC pads.

So, here's how far I've gotten with the scheme itself:

It's basically an inversion of the current "official" Noise Marine scheme, with some blue added in for certain icons, details, and the eyes, for a contrast to the pink. Also, gold in unusual places.

Now, I've put loads of thinking into upcoming conversions, style, bits to use, further gimmicks, and the list itself, but I'll save them up for a more focused post. In the meantime, thanks for putting up with busy me, it'll all get better next year. Bah. Also, I've also prepared some Star Phantoms for painting, I just gotta find the time to do the prep and get at it: Sorting through paint pots, checking my primer cans, setting up a workspace, painting. I'm sure this will happen soon... -ish. It's another important step of getting back into the whole thing. More on that at another point in time.

Ithmaril out.

Dec 16, 2010

The Shape Of Things To Come

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Dec 11, 2010

Lifesign, Vol. 2

Who would have thought that December could get me so busy? Heh. Here's some irony for you. Not gonna go too deep into that, though. It's mostly life business, you know, the part you're not here to read about. So, back to the few hobbyisms that fit into my schedule for the last, oh, I don't know, 2 weeks. Those short, kinda irregular updates might very well continue into the new year, but hey, it's better than nothing I guess. Also, those should serve you as reminders that I'm still all enthusiastic and motivated, and that this is more a matter of time management than anything else.

Conflict Management indeed. Anyway, here's the breakdown:

  • As of now, my hobby plan for the new year, and subject of the pledges to come, will be all about expanding my Star Phantoms (in a very special way, hinthint) and building a small, different army next to it. Yeah, that's a rather short summary, but stuff will be epic. I'd love to talk about it all for hours, but I lack the time at the moment, so I'll save it for some free time in which I can unload all my excitement and enthusiasm right in your face. (Okay, I didn't mean to make it sound so pr0nriffic, but here you go. Another way to express enthusiasm, I guess.)
  • In the meantime, here's a pic of my wip, almost finished (converting-wise) Venerable-or-not-Dreadnaught-with-tons-of-guns. Hey, you're not here for pretty words after all. There's better places for that than some crazy german guy's blog.
  • My friends from Deepstrike Radio have released their fifth episode. I didn't find the (hobby) time to listen to it yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Also, they will run a Christmas Call-In special and a contest. Excellent stuff, I'll definitly call in. Last two links lead to topics at the forums by the way. Small signup fee to keep it a quality gathering place, great community, so sign up there if you like your forums troll-free, friendly, helpful, and familial.

In case you don't hear from me for a while again, have a great holiday season.


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